Tuesday, 25 June 2013

This first step is not always easy for the beginner, for that reason we provide a ratings for most of our blades. The ratings give you the speed, control and weight for every blade we sell.
If you think that you are an all-round player your best choice of course would be an all-round wood. If you are an offensive player choose a faster blade which has the speed rating over 70. Most 5 ply blades are in the all-round range (50-70). 7 and 9 ply blades are faster for offensive play and provide extra strength.
Should you require a defensive blade just pick one of the slow blades. The slower a blade the better the control factor. The fast blade is good for offensive shots but offers less control for touch returns. Carbon blades provide a larger sweet spot and more stability of the blade.
Handle shapes are strictly a players preference. The number one selling grip has always been the flared handle. Anatomic is second and the straight handle is third. From a survey it was discovered that 50% of the world class player prefer the straight handle.

Stiga CC 5


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